AHA Vitamin C


Brighten AHA Vitamin C formulas help gently exfoliate the dead outer layer of stressed skin and reveal the healthy cells below the surface. They effectively reduce the appearance of most impurities in the form of wrinkles, uneven texture and discoloration. The unique infusion of vitamin C complements these formulas to promote advanced brightening and evening.

  • High Strength AHA with low pH levels
  • Highly effective peel for skin cell turnover
  • Most popular peel for skin lightening

"This product started lightening my skin after two weeks."

- Happy Camper, Sydney.

"I am seeing improvements in the oiliness, acne, darker areas, and skin texture."

- D. Brown, Tyrone

Natural skin lighteners are safer to use than chemical skin lighteners like Hydroquinone because, unlike Hydroquinone, these natural skin lighteners do not lead to rebound hyper-pigmentation (skin darkening) with prolonged use.

The Brightening Peel can be performed in combination with another mild facial exfoliator for a complete skin care treatment. The stated product percentage reflects the peel strength and can be compared to a similar strength Glycolic peel for peeling intensity and results.

Our clinical evaluations have shown that skin bleaching is not as effective when treating discoloration of the skin as cell turnover can be. We often recommend alternatives to Hydroquinone skin bleaching creams to avoid some of the associated issues such as rebound hyper-pigmentation (where the problem rebounds and gets worse!).

Unleash a beautiful layer of radiant, even skin with this enhanced lineup of age-defying ingredients. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are naturally occurring acids extracted from sugar cane, milk and fungi that help remove dead, damaged cells on the skin’s surface. Lactic and glycolic acids exfoliate the skin to promote the appearance of a smoother, healthier layer. Higher strength Brighten AHA Vitamin C peels may produce minimal to moderate flaking three days after application and continue for another three to four days. Results may vary depending on skin type.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are naturally occurring acids extracted from sugar cane, milk and fungi that help soften and remove the stiff, damaged cells on the skin’s surface. Lactic, and glycolic acids are powerful AHAs and exfoliators that work harmoniously with most skin types. Vitamin C, a known antioxidant vital to skin health, helps prevent dark spots and lighten the appearance of discoloration by targeting age and sun related damage.


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