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Anti-Aging Chemical Peels

No longer just a fixture for acne-prone skin! Salicylic acid peels are now receiving due acclaim for their ability to treat a wide array of skin disorders including photoaging, papulopustular rosacea, sebaceous cysts, psoriasis and even keratosis pilaris. In the realm of all “substitutes”, the salicylic acid peel is considered to be more lenient and forgiving.

Age Prevention Chemical Peels

Glycolic acid has also been beneficial in improving dry skin, treating age spots, decreasing facial lines, and rejuvenating the skin's surface. Dermatologists and estheticians have been utilizing glycolic acid as an effective and proven tool in the fight against the aging process.

Acne & Blemishes Chemical Peels

From both a preventative and curative standpoint, the salicylic acid peel is clearly a triple threat against acne. By and large, salicylic acid peels are considered a “textbook option” for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions related to a surplus of bacteria, dead skin and/or sebum. It is no wonder the FDA approved the use of salicylic acid as an OTC acne medication!

Hyperpigmentation Chemical Peels

Jump start a complete skin rejuvenation process. Combination Alpha Hydroxy Acids - Glycolic, Lactic and Pyruvic together with Kojic acid, Bearberry and Licorice extracts inhibit skin discoloration and melanin production, slowing the darkening of the cells. Skin appears brighter with noticeably lighter, even skin tone.

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