I purchased a TCA 15% strength peel and am wondering how to use it.


Each kit should come with extensive instructions, however for further instruction, follow this advice. Kits come with 3 bottles – the pre solution, the 15% peel, a moisturizer and a daily exfoliator. The daily exfoliator is used each day. The peel is used after one cleanses the skin, applies the peel prep, applies the peel and allows it to process for no more then 8 minutes. Then, rinse the skin with water and apply the moisturizer. Use the pre solution after you wash the face each day.
For the best results with a TCA peel, perform the peel 3-6 treatments (use once every 3 weeks to a month). Ultimately the length of time in between is determined by how your skin has healed. The peel that comes with the kit should be good for 15 individual peel treatments.